Kizu Portable Table Lamp

This sculptural lamp can act as an accent among neutrals or make a bolder counterpart to other rich hues.

Portable Table Lamp

Place it

  • in the middle of a dining table,
  • on a shelf or side table, or
  • take it with you when you dine al fresco on a warm evening.

Material:   Breccia Pernice Marble w. White Acrylic

Colour:   Breccia Pernice  & white

Delivery:   In stock 


H: 240 x Ø: 180 mm 

Light Source:

2,5W LED, 2700 K, Operating time: 10-11 hours (at 100% brightness), Charging time: 7,5 hours (0-100%)

Type: Table Lamps

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