Stedge shelf small - smoked oak

Stedge is a shelf by the simple and elegant design. Made in oak wood with a very basic and minimal structure, Stedge will be able to find its space in your furniture with discretion. A practical shelf where you can store everyday items. 

Available in different finishes you can add extra shelf to customize Stedge. Included is a long and a short top wire. 

Stedge comes in a box with two shelves .

It is possible to add additional shelves to create your own unique stage.
Included is a long and a short top metal wire. 

Brand:   WOUD
Designer:   Leonard Aldenhoff
Material:   Smoked Oak
Delivery:   2 weeks
Width:   22 cm 
Lenght:   60 cm
Height:   120  cm 

Type: Shelves

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