Tria chair

Italy: the land of immaculate tailoring and innovative design. We could write an ode to the country, but the Tria Chair seems to have it covered. Designed for Colé by notable Milan-based industrial designers Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, the Tria is a chair with a three-piece, corolla-shaped shell. The form holds seemingly impossible curves and twists, on which the patterns and colours seem to chase each other into perpetuity. The Tria is poised to become a modern classic. Bonus: each Colé piece is made-to-order in Italy.

Brand:   Catharina Lorenz & Steffen Kaz for Colé
Measurements:   H: 81.5 cm W: 58.4 cm D: 52 cm. Seat height: 47 cm


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