Stash Box

Cardboard box with:
  • shave cream
  • hair shave brush
  • face scrub
  • moisturiser
Based upon an old apothecary set, the T&D ‘stash box’ is a one stop shop of shaving and skincare gold that makes an ideal grooming kit or gift set for a modern man.

Stocked with a tube of Old Fashioned Shave Cream, a genuine Badger Hair Shave brush, Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub and Gameface Moisturiser, this Stash Box delivers the essentials in grooming and when you are done you have somewhere to keep your marbles, dice, maps and knives, or anything else that you might rightly stash in a box, nice.

Brand:    Triumph & Disaster
Delivery:   In stock

Category: 100-200 EUR

Type: MEN

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