Nouveau Pin - Brass with Oyster Grey

NOUVEAU PIN is designed to frame all of your most important belongings, your favorite photos, concert tickets or it can be used as your personal mood board.

The multifunctional board is built on rectangular grids inspired by the straight lines of modern structures and inspired by the artistic style Art Nouveau. NOUVEAU PIN is designed as a flexible module system in three sizes, with which you can create as big a pinboard, as you need. Either in your home or at the office. The NOUVEAU PIN also has an acoustic sound absorbing effect.

Brand:   Please Wait To Be Seated
Designer:  All the way to Paris
Material:   Fabric - Brass or powder coated steel
Colour:   Brass with Oyster Grey
Delivery:   3 - 4 weeks
Small:   27,6 ×62,3×2,5 cm
Medium:   62,3 ×62,3×2,5 cm
Large:   89 ×62,3×2,5 cm

Category: brass


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