Hooked 6.0 / nude

A chandelier made up of six light pendants, all with their own customizing Hooks. The brass Hooks are housed in a matte rubber ceiling rose and allow the light to be customized into any sculptural shape desired. The Hooks can also be removed and installed into your ceiling to allow complete freedom of how the pendants fall.

The chandelier is finished in solid knurled brass with matte rubber detailing. The chandelier looks great with our teardrop bulbs.

Brand:   Buster + Punch
Material:   Brass
Delivery:   2 weeks
Measurements:    Cable lenghts:
160 cm (ceiling lower then 260 cm)
200 cm (ceilings between 260 cm & 340 cm)
260 cm (ceilings higher then 340 cm)

    Type: LIGHTING

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