Futura lights

A collection of elegant pendant lamps in blown glass encircled by a band of metal. The hand-made shade is formed from a single piece of glass which is specially blown to be transparent in the upper part and translucent in the lower part, creating the diffuser. 

Brand:   Vistosi 

Designer:   Hangar Design Group 
Material:   Glass 
Lamp:   LED 10W 
Delivery:  5 - 6 weeks 
SP P (small) = Ø 20 x 22 cm hight 
SP M (medium) = Ø 23 dia x 44 cm hight 
SP G (large) = Ø 40 x 25 cm hight 
White/crystal glass with a grey metal detailing
Topaz/amber glass with brass detailing
Grey/smoke glass with brown detailing 

Type: Pendant Lamp

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