Aise table

Aise is a table system characterized by its weightlessness visual effect (sleek appearance) and solid construction. One important feature of its design is the thickness of its top, which barely appears to reach half a centimeter. 

The legs and frame can be made of metal (white/black) or wood (walnut/ oak; in this version, the table can also be extendable).
Aise tabletops can be lacquered, wood or laminated. The multiple combinations of shapes and materials allow you to create a table for any type of environment, for any kind of person. You choose.

There are two types of Aise tables, those with metal legs and those with wooden legs. Aise tables with metal legs are non-extendable and the legs can be finished in black or white. For these models, tabletops are available in Treku lacquer and wood or in stratified laminate. Aise tables with wooden legs are available in non-extendable or extendable versions (except for the round model, which is non-extendable).

Brand:   Treku
Delivery:   8 - 10 weeks
Available sizes:

Rectangular top

Depth 90 cm / Width 140 cm
Depth 90 cm / Width 170 cm
Depth 90 cm / Width 190 cm
Depth 90 cm / Width 210 cm
Depth 90 cm / Width longer then 230 cm

Round top
Diameter 110 cm


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